« Témoignage d’une Révolution Énergétique : un Voyage Européen » est une enquête de terrain menée à l’échelle de l’Europe interrogeant les contraintes pesant aujourd’hui sur le développement des énergies renouvelables.

The project consists of a field survey on the European scale, tackling the question of acceptance and integration of renewable energy power generation and storage systems among European populations.

This six-month journey (April to September 2017) with an electric car will cross 23 European countries. It was planned according to places and people who can best throw light on our inquiry.

They plan to run their project under four main lines:
– Effective interaction between technological, economic, political, social and cultural logics.
– Study the necessary levers for action in order to articulate those logics on different scales and places (towns and decision-making centres, versus rural areas and main production sites).
– The acceptability of these means of action for the populations dwelling these areas.
– Reproducibility of storage and production systems from a territory to another.

T.R.E.V.E. includes:
– A research segment formed by the field survey itself, scientific reports, a seminar project;
– An artistic segment formed by the specificities of our testimony’s content (photos, radio, video) and an exhibition project.

We gathered two working groups to support us :
– A researcher committee led by Christian Lorenzi (ENS), Magali Reghezza-Zitt (ENS, CERES) and David Claessen (ENS, CERES);
– A PSL school students committee.

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